Monday 17 June 2024
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Our Mascots

Paleo-Minds-TheodoreHere at Paleo Minds you may notice a couple of characters turn up from time to time. They are our caveman and cavewoman from Paleolithic times. Please give a warm welcome to Theodore and Nora. As you can see Theodore offers a chilled ‘Hi’ over there to the right whereas Nora is busy squatting and enjoying a Paleo playout below!

From time to time Theodore and Nora may be joined by other characters and animals. In fact, you may also spot some factual inaccuracies like a party hat on a woolly mammoth, but don’t worry we’re just having a little fun.

If you like the art and are interested in a T-shirt, mug or any other merchandise just let us know. If we get enough interest we’ll see what we can put together.

Nora squatting Paleo Minds

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