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My (Unconscious) Path To Paleo

Shane Thomas transformation

In April 2011 I was left devastated. I experienced one of those events that change everything: you’re laid off from work, a family member dies, a relationship ends. The specifics are unimportant. I knew as it was happening my life was about to drastically change, but I never knew it …

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PM 008: The Bacon Mum Emma King on Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, AIP and Reintroducing Foods

In this podcast The Bacon Mum, Emma King, talks about food sensitivities, the autoimmune protocol, self-diagnosis, water filters and much more. Show Notes [03:15] Interview start [03:40] Emma’s journey and initial health issues [07:06] The case against pharmaceuticals for gut health [07:45] Modifying the paleo template for food sensitivities and …

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Problems with Paleo – An advocate responds

Problems with Paleo The Daily Orbit

Last week I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by John Hopton over on the Daily Orbit. Please head on over to the website to check out my interview where John asks me about alcohol, low carb, ketosis and more. Michael Wilson, Paleo Minds, Interview on the Daily Orbit 

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