Tuesday 16 July 2024
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PM 009: Beverly Meyer on Vitamin K2 and Widening Your Palate

In this podcast Beverly Meyer talks about Vitamin K2, widening your palate and temporomandibular disorders.

Beverly MeyerBeverly Meyer is a Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist, in practice since 1985. Her health struggles with gluten and other autoimmune issues took her away from a successful business career, but brought her into the Natural Health world. She has a popular podcast called Primal Diet – Modern Health, with international reach. Her DVD, The Diet For Human Beings, is the only Ancestral Paleo health DVD on the market. She has been teaching this diet for decades. 2014 nominated ‘Top 5 Science-Oriented Paleo Blog’, Paleo Magazine.


Show Notes

  • [02:50] Interview start
  • [03:12] Interest in eating better and improving health
  • [06:10] Why Beverly cut out gluten
  • [07:20] Current diet
  • [09:01] Ghee
  • [19:45] An introduction to vitamin K2
  • [25:55] Cod liver oil
  • [29:45] Vitamin A
  • [32:30] MK-4 and MK-7 in vitamin K2
  • [37:15] Grinding teeth
  • [38:40] Temporomandibular disorders
  • [43:20] Widening your palate
  • [48:25] Cost
  • [50:18] Other tips for those looking to widen their palate
  • [54:50] Tips for a good night’s sleep
  • [01:00:42] Future projects


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Michael Wilson is the founder of Paleo Minds. He has been following a strict Paleo lifestyle ever since Paleo transformed his life in 2010 – from medicated, sick and suffering from autoimmune diseases to happy, fit and healthy. Michael is currently studying towards the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification and battling with various cultural and language difficulties as he lives a Paleo lifestyle in Japan. Thank goodness for Apps that automatically read Kanji!

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