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Home » Interview » PM 012: Luke Leafgren on StandStand, Standing Desks and Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

PM 012: Luke Leafgren on StandStand, Standing Desks and Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

PM 012 Luke Leafgren on StandStand, Standing Desks and Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

In this podcast Luke Leafgren talks about StandStand, the benefits of standing desks, the disadvantages of sitting, why there’s a lot of truth in the phrase ‘sitting is the new smoking’, and much more.

Luke Leagren StandStand Paleo Minds PodcastLuke Leagren is the creator of StandStand. He has a PhD from Harvard in Comparative Literature. He is a Dean and he teaches first year Arabic. Over the last years he has become productively creative, making some concrete and wood furniture and some amazing installation art in his home. He is the one who invented and perfected StandStand and he is the one who really made this project happen. A lot of people have cool ideas. Luke has cool ideas, vision, and the drive to make them happen.

Show Notes

  • [02:47] Interview start/what Luke does
  • [04:05] Creating StandStand
  • [07:25] Raising money with Kickstarter
  • [11:50] The simplicity of StandStand
  • [13:00] Disadvantages of sitting, benefits of standing
  • [20:10] Unexpected benefits of standing desk
  • [22:15] Negative effects of standing for too long
  • [26:20] StandStand range
  • [30:00] StandStand desktop edition
  • [32:45] Mental and cognitive benefits using a standing desk
  • [36:45] StandStand success stories
  • [40:00] Techniques to mitigate damage while sitting
  • [41:30] Developmental plans
  • [43:00] Product recommendations
  • [45:30] Morning rituals and daily habits
  • [50:30] Fiction and non-fiction recommendations
  • [55:00] Things that make Luke happy
  • [57:45] Future goals and aspirations
  • [01:01:30] Connect with Luke


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