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PM 002: Christopher James Clark on Nutritional Grail, Cooking and The Benefits of Miso

Chris Clark

In this episode Christopher James Clark talks about his book, Nutritional Grail, the benefits of Miso, working in and relocating to Dubai, glutathione production and autoimmune disease, and much more. 

Christopher Clark is an independent writer, researcher, consultant, and chef with specialised knowledge in nutritional science and healing cuisine. His approach to health and wellness merges ancestral dietary wisdom and modern nutritional science. Rejecting all dogma and myth, Christopher embraces scientifically-sound concepts and principles, incorporating them into his highly-successful, results-oriented nutritional philosophy. His dietary programme emphasises nutrient-dense animal foods, a wide variety of vegetables, and healthy dietary fats (including the kinds you were told are unhealthy). Christopher focuses on continual detoxification, perpetual nourishment, and time-honoured culinary traditions. His cuisine is Mediterranean and pan-Asian inspired, scientifically vetted, and deliciously prepared.

Show Notes

  • [00:30] Chris’ journey into ancestral health and nutrition
  • [11:00] The popularity of vegetarianism and how it serves as a precursor to Paleo for many
  • [15:30] Butter and margarine
  • [18:20] Chris’ leanings towards Mediterranean and Asian cuisine
  • [21:00] Going beyond basic recipes and kitchen skills
  • [26:15] Working in and relocating to Dubai
  • [28:25] The Paleo template and controversies surrounding quinoa and miso
  • [37:30] Superfoods
  • [49:00] Cooking at home
  • [51:40] The importance of pre-soaking nuts
  • [57:30] How to up glutathione production, whey protein and dairy sensitivity
  • [01:04:22] Supplementation
  • [01:13:35] Going beyond diet and fitness for optimal health
  • [01:21:30] How to find out more about Christopher James Clark


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