Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Elaine Vinall, Bio Balanced Nutrition, Part Two: Food and Exercise

Bio Balanced Nutrition

Welcome to part two of our two-part interview with Elaine Vinall of Bio Balanced Nutrition. Check out part one – Elaine Vinall, Bio Balanced Nutrition, Part One: Restoring Gut Health and Ditching Vegetarianism. Elaine is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has a passion for good food, healthy living, and helping others …

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Convict Conditioning: Shifting Gear

“Weeks 5-8 were a maelstrom of activity and progression!” Welcome back regular readers, I can say that now I’m on article four, right? If you’re new to the series it will probably feel more coherent to read from the start. So, weeks 5–8 were a maelstrom of activity and progression, …

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PM 009: Beverly Meyer on Vitamin K2 and Widening Your Palate

In this podcast Beverly Meyer talks about Vitamin K2, widening your palate and temporomandibular disorders.   Show Notes [02:50] Interview start [03:12] Interest in eating better and improving health [06:10] Why Beverly cut out gluten [07:20] Current diet [09:01] Ghee [19:45] An introduction to vitamin K2 [25:55] Cod liver oil …

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My (Unconscious) Path To Paleo

Shane Thomas transformation

In April 2011 I was left devastated. I experienced one of those events that change everything: you’re laid off from work, a family member dies, a relationship ends. The specifics are unimportant. I knew as it was happening my life was about to drastically change, but I never knew it …

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